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Tame Your Taxes, Now and Into the Future

McClanahan Tax is a Portland, Oregon area Tax Advisor providing tax return preparation and proactive planning to help Oregonians age 50+ minimize future taxes and enhance their wealth. Tap our expertise with forward-looking strategies like these:

  • Secure Retirement -- Guidance on when to draw Social Security to maximize tax-favored retirement income.

  • Tax-Free Wealth -- Transform your retirement accounts into tax-free assets while minimizing conversion taxes.

  • Navigate Retirement Distributions -- Personalized advice on RMDs from retirement and inherited retirement accounts.

  • Efficient Charitable Giving -- Use your IRA for charitable giving without a tax hit.

  • Smart Asset Location -- Advice on asset placement for optimal tax treatment.

What does it cost?

  • Tax Return Preparation -- $600 & up depending on complexity

  • Tax Advice & Planning -- flat project fee depending on complexity, or $200 per hour

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