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Tax Planning & Preparation

We provide responsive, accurate tax preparation for both personal and business/entity returns. But tax preparation alone is historical. Without tax planning, it's like driving while looking at your rear view mirror. Tap our expertise to plan ahead and pay no more tax than necessary.

While we can help you with a wide range of tax and financial strategies, here are a few examples that are retirement-focused:

  • How to maximize tax-favored retirement income by smartly choosing when to draw your Social Security.

  • How to turn taxable retirement accounts into tax-free resources, while minimizing (or eliminating) the tax you pay in the conversion.

  • Tax-savvy assistance with Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from your retirement accounts and/or inherited retirement accounts.

  • Strategically using your IRA to give to favored charities in a way that does not increase your income subject to tax.

  • Coordinating and timing your overall income sources in retirement to avoid triggering higher Medicare premiums.

  • Tax implications of asset location -- taking advantage of the fact that different investments/accounts receive different tax treatment.


Retirement Planning

If you need comprehensive retirement planning and wealth management, we recommend our "sister firm" SecondHalf Planning & Investment, LLC.

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