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Tax Planning & Preparation

Are you tired of the mad scramble to file last year's tax return with no real plan to minimize future taxes?


Do you need periodic tax advice throughout the year, not just at tax season when nobody has time to help?

We provide responsive, accurate tax preparation for personal and business/entity returns. But tax preparation alone is historical. If you neglect tax planning, it’s like driving by watching the rear view mirror. You owe it to yourself to pay no more tax than required.


What kind of tax planning? Here are some examples for micropreneurs:


  • Tax implications of choosing (or changing) a business entity

  • S Corp reasonable compensation analysis

  • Guidance on the best type of retirement plan for your business

  • Complex retirement account issues

  • Structuring employee fringe benefits and Accountable Plan

  • Tax-favored business use of your home under either home office deduction or the Augusta Rule

  • Deferring or accelerating income or expenses

  • Evaluating tax saving opportunities as new laws are passed

CFO & Business Advisory

So you're not a Fortune 500 company and maybe don't need a full-time Chief Financial Officer. But the best microbusinesses still excel by engaging advisory services as needed. Could you benefit from these?

  • Help you "know your numbers" (financial statements, key financial measures, performance indicators) and understand how best to use that to grow your business profits

  • Cash flow forecasting to avoid ever running short with payroll, major purchases, tax payments, or owner distributions

  • Review of expenses and overhead for cost-reduction strategies

  • Pricing analysis with an eye toward increased profitability

  • Accounting Health Diagnostic to put your bookkeeping on the right track

  • Outsourced CFO to lift your burden on a full range of financial and accounting matters

  • General business consulting and special projects


Each client's situation is unique. We will provide you a quote after discussing your specific needs and scope of engagement. Our fee will typically include a bundled package of services provided throughout the year and paid monthly, or on a fixed project basis. For engagements with requirements that cannot be reasonably estimated, our fee is $125 per hour.

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