Tax Preparation

We provide personal and business income tax preparation in a responsive, detailed, and accurate manner.

Tax Planning

Tax preparation is historical. Tax planning is forward looking. If you neglect tax planning, it's like driving down the highway by watching the rear view mirror. Tap our expertise in helping you minimize future taxes. 

Business Advisory

Benefit from our broad business and management experience and deep bench of resources. Examples of advisory services we can provide:

  • Tax implications of choosing (or changing) your business entity

  • Understanding key financial measures of your business

  • Cash flow planning

  • Strategies for cost reduction and profit growth

  • Recommendation on type and design of group retirement plan

Retirement Planning

Do you know how to "play chess" with your retirement resources and keep the tax man in check? We offer tax-smart retirement cash flow planning, guidance on when to claim Social Security, and tax advice on retirement accounts. For clients needing comprehensive retirement planning and wealth management, we have a relationship with SecondHalf Planning & Investment, LLC


Fees for our professional services are generally on a fixed, project basis. Each client's situation is different and we will provide you a quote after discussing your specific needs and the scope of engagement. For engagements with circumstances that cannot be estimated, our fee is $125 per hour.